In Ladybird’s we have so much fun!! We love to do lots of messy play, we have sand and water out daily as well as constant access to arts and crafts. The Ladybird room is a light, bright space for inquisitive 2Year olds to explore and play. We go out in all weathers and love to splash in the puddles, dance in the rain  and enjoy picnics in the sunshine. Ladybirds room has a ratio of 4 children to 1 practitioners, this allows to interact with others and start to build those first steps of independence as well as social  and self help skills. 


The ladybird room is just the right place for a curious toddler! There are many opportunities for your toddler to develop Social and Emotional Skills, and for them to increase their vocabulary and start using sentences. The room is bright and inviting and a fabulous place to be when your an energetic toddler!